Christine Rorden

Owner/Consulting Winemaker, Director of Marketing

How would one combine a passion for the arts, a fascination with winemaking, and a talent for making monumental projects happen? The answer to this question, for Christine, lies in the vision of Cantiga Wineworks. Co-founder of Cantiga Wineworks, Christine handles the company's marketing and administration, as well as assisting with winemaking alongside her husband, Rich. In addition to running the company's office, Christine takes care of Cantiga's next generation of winemakers--10-year-old Anneke and 7-year-old Benjamin!

Christine left her former career as an ethnomusicologist and educational writer to pursue this challenging new venture. She received a Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto, where she specialized in early music, particularly the Renaissance lute. She then graduated with an MA in ethnomusicology from UCLA, where she specialized in Balkan and Near Eastern music. Christine can sometimes be found playing one of her exotic instruments at Cantiga's special events, accompanied by Rich on hand drums. She enjoys weaving a multicultural thread through her event planning, extending to both music and menus.