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Library tasting this weekend at Cantiga: PORTS!

WHEN: SATURDAY, JAN. 24 & SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 11am - 5pm

COST: $8 (two Ports with food pairings); FREE for Wine Club

Join us for a special tasting of our ultra-rare Port-style wines with food pairings! We will be tasting:

2002 "Colheita" PORT (Petite Sirah, 375 ml) - $35 (non-discountable)

HARVEST BRIX 30, TA 7.1, PH 3.4, RS: 9%, ALC 18.5

Released exclusively to our wine club two years ago, our Port is another two years older and growing more amazing every day. It is a single varietal Vintage Port (also known as "colheita"), meaning that it is not blended over multiple years or types of grapes, yet it is aged like a Tawny. (It spent about ten years in barrel!) It is very rich and deep, with coffee overtones and a good finish so it does not taste cloyingly sweet. It shows the complexity of age and is outstanding with an aged blue cheese, dark chocolate, nuts, or a good dark cigar.

* * *

2004 "Colheita" PORT (Syrah, 375 ml) - $35 (non-discountable)

HARVEST BRIX 32, TA 7.5, PH 3.4, RS: 9%, ALC 18.0

Our Syrah Port is brand new--never before tasted by anyone but us! It is going on 11 years in barrel and we are bottling a portion just for this tasting. Like the 2002 Port, this is a single varietal Vintage Port ("colheita") that is aged like a Tawny. It is amazingly complex, rounder and mellower than the 2002 but still not overly sweet. We hope you can join us for it's "coming out party" this weekend!.