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Library Tasting Weekend at Cantiga: 2003-2005 Herbert Zins!


COST: $12 (tastings of three wines with food pairings); FREE for Wine Club

Herbert Vineyard, located just down the road from us, has achieved quite a name for itself over the years, and we are privileged to make a zinfandel from this vineyard each year. Our Herbert Zinfandels are known for their abundant raspberry and pomegranate fruit, with subtle notes of anise and clove. When these wines age, they hold onto their beautiful fruit but deepen to achieve a more complex character, and the balance also improves with age.

We invite you to join us in tasting our earliest three vintages of this wonderful wine, along with specially paired appetizers. A "vertical" tasting like this can greatly enhance our understanding of a vineyard's character and potential...and it's also a whole lot of fun!

Also, for this event only, these three wines will be available to Merry Monks Wine Club members for purchase (limited).

This is a complimentary tasting for our wine club, and the cost for non-wine club is $12.

* * *

2003 Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard - $40 (club-discountable)

HARVEST BRIX 25.9; pH 3.43; TA 0.68; Alc 16.2%; ML 0%; RS 0.06%; Barrel Age: 2 years neutral European oak; Cases Produced: 172

* * *

2004 Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard - $39 (club-discountable)

HARVEST BRIX 26.9; pH 3.32; TA 0.75; Alc: 15.9%; ML: 0%; Barrel Age: 4 years neutral European oak; Cases Produced: 102

* * *

2005 Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard - $38 (club-discountable)

HARVEST BRIX: 25.0; Alc: 15.9%; ML: 0%; RS: 0.08%; Barrel Age: 3 years neutral European oak; Cases produced: 174

* * *

For more information, please contact us at (530) 621-1696 or info@cantigawine.com