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Early vintage Shiraz (2001-2003)!

WHEN: APRIL 23 & 24, 11am - 5pm

FREE for currently active wine club members
General public: $15 ($10 if you come with a club member)

This is an occasion we have been awaiting for a long time...on April 23 & 24, we will be bringing out three of our early vintages of Shiraz! Our early vintages of Shiraz came from our long-time grape source in Monterey. We love the smooth, supple tannins and decadent spice and tobacco characteristics in these wines, and so when we planted our Estate vineyard in 2003, we took cuttings from that vineyard to graft to our own Estate vines.

We invite you to join us for this rare opportunity to taste these extremely limited wines, paired with amazing appetizers. Experience for yourself how well classically-made wines can age with proper cellaring. Our style of winemaking allows our wines to age for much longer than most modern commercial wines, and Library Tastings allow us to observe and analyze their aging potential.

These Library Tastings are not to be missed...the wines we pour are so limited, they will never be poured in the tasting room again!

For this event only, a limited quantity of the wines being tasted will be available for purchase to our Merry Monks Wine Club members. If you are a club member and are unable to attend the event, you may request to be put on a waiting list to purchase wines that remain following the event.


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For more information, please contact us at (530) 621-1696 or info@cantigawine.com.