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Experience a winemaking style so old that it's new...


A "natural" approach means living in harmony with the land and working with--rather than in opposition to--nature. At Cantiga, we practice "minimal intervention" wine making, keeping a light touch and allowing our wines to ferment and age at their own pace, without manipulation or chemical additions. Our wines are very low in sulfite and do not undergo malolactic fermentation. As a result, many people who have given up on wine due to allergies are finding that they can drink our wines without any adverse effects.


Our long-time customers are well acquainted with our passion (or obsession?) for food and wine pairing. Many of you have patiently endured our endless experiments with finding the perfect match for one of our wines. Some of you have even participated by contributing your own recipes! This is truly one of the most enjoyable aspects of our business. Food gives context and meaning to wine, and can truly enhance our enjoyment of it. Read on for some  basic concepts and principles behind the art...



The practice of private cellaring has increased dramatically in the last few years. With the availability of relatively affordable wine refrigerators, many wine-drinking households have begun their own collections, ranging from a few special bottles to hundreds. Collectors have long been aware of the amazing transformations that can occur in the bottle, and for this reason place great value on wines that have the ability to age. So how do we determine which wines to age, and which to drink up quickly? 


Jávi Cellars Presents Cantiga Wineworks | Full Interview Highlights

Jávi Cellars Presents Cantiga Wineworks | Full Interview Highlights

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PLEASE NOTE: Google Maps might direct you to turn right on Moody Rd from Grizzly Flat Rd. This is incorrect. Please continue to the top of the hill and turn right on Meyers Ln.

Cantiga Wineworks

5980 Meyers Lane 

Somerset, CA 95684

Tel: 530-621-1696

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