Merry Monks Wine Club


NEXT CLUB RELEASE: Saturday, August 15, 2020

*Please stay tuned for pickup procedures during COVID-19.


2020, May: Spring Wines to Brighten Our Days

     2016 Semillon, Estate

     2016 Barbera, Sierra Foothills (new release)

     2017 Grenache, Estate (pre-release)

2020, August: Nature versus Nurture

     2015 Syrah, Baby Rattlesnake Vineyard (pre-release)

     2014 Petite Sirah, Estate

     2011 Library Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard

     2010 Library Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard (Ambassadors)

2020, February: The Winter Table

     2017 GSM, Sierra Foothills (pre-release)

     2015 Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard

     2014 "Troubadour," El Dorado (club exclusive)

2019, November: Nobles and Peasants

     2014 Syrah, El Dorado

     2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, El Dorado

     2011 Library Petite Sirah, Estate

2019, August: Enjoying Life with "Slow Food," part 2

     2016 Grenache, Estate (all members)

     2013 Petite Sirah, Estate (all members)

     2010 Library Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard (all members)

     2008 Library Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard (Ambassadors)

     2006 Library Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard (Professional

               Winos and Ambassadors)

2019, May: Sustainable Winegrowing

     2017 Verdelho, Sierra Foothills

     2013 Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard

     2013 Library Barbera, Cooper Vineyard

2019, February: Blending: The trials of a winemaker

     2016 GSM, Sierra Foothills

     2013 Syrah, El Dorado

     2014 "Troubadour," El Dorado

2018, November: "Slow wine" in a hurried world

     2012 Syrah, Baby Rattlesnake Vineyard (all members)

     2013 Petite Syrah, Estate (Cellar Groupie members)

     2010 Library Petite Syrah, Estate (Professional Wino

         & Ambassador of Oenos members)

     2011 Library Cabernet Sauvignon (all members)

     2010 Library Cabernet Sauvignon (Professional Wino

         & Ambassador of Oenos members)

2018, August: Wining and Dining Out of Doors

     2014 Grenache-Syrah, El Dorado

     2012 Shiraz, El Dorado

     2009 "Library" Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard

2018, May: Spring Wines and Eating Seasonally (part 3)

     2015 Grenache, Estate (club pre-release)

     2013 Syrah, El Dorado

     2011 "Reserve" Petite Sirah, Estate (Cellar Groupie members)

     2006 "Library" Barbera (Professional Winos & Ambassadors)

     2005 "Library" Syrah (Professional Winos & Ambassadors)

2018, February: The Question of Origin

     2015 Barbera, Cooper Vineyard (club pre-release)

     2012 Zinfandel, Herbert Vineyard

     2011 Library Shiraz, Estate Vineyard (Cellar Groupie members)

     Library Shiraz multi-vintage vertical (Professional Wino &

       Ambassador of Oenos members)

2017, November: The Natural Cork Quandary

     2012 Petite Sirah, Estate

     2013 "Troubadour," El Dorado

     2014 "Nocturne," Late Harvest Zinfandel

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